337 Bracken Ridge Road,
Bracken Ridge 4017
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Out Side sporting events

Bracken Ridge Bulls is a club within the Bracken Ridge Indoor Sports center. We play other clubs in a number of sports. The Bulls have been apart of Bracken Ridge Indoor Sports from the start of Super League in the late 80's. And now has grown from not just netball and cricket, to also play National Beach Volleyball and two years ago added Rugby League, playing in the Brisbane Second Div.

Over time we have had great years of Super League sport with other indoor centers throughout Brisbane and even up and down the coasts. Toowoomba is also part of the INFQ and ICA (Cricket Queensland now). We as a club have played in Div. 1 and Div. 2 and been very successful. Now playing in the Div. 1 comp but not playing cricket anymore.

This year (2013) we had two (2) boys in the National Beach volleyball Companionship. Looking for bigger and better thing in years to come but still finishing high on the ladder.

We also had a Rugby League team formed in 2012, in the Brisbane Second Div. which ended up winning the Div 3 Open Men's comp. This year 2013, moved up to Div. 2 and doing it a bit tufter but getting there.

For more details check out our web pages or give us a call. (07) 3261 2666